Quality Management

We do our best work the first time, so you never have to spend your time claiming a warranty. We’re committed to keeping the lowest warranty rate in the business. D.A.S. warranties less than 1% of sales, thanks to our quality management tools.

Procedure Sheets

We maintain Job Procedure Sheets, an internal reference tool that keeps us consistent. Each sheet outlines all of the job’s components, inspection and machining instructions, and assembly/testing procedures.

We keep these sheets indefinitely. If we ever need to repair similar parts from your machines, we have reference and information on how we worked together. It helps us maintain timely, accurate service.

Corrective Action Reports

Our Corrective Action Reports help you lower cost – by identifying the reason your cylinder needed repair in the first place. We outline the problem, probable cause, and action steps.

We use our expertise to identify the problem and prevent future damages.

Repair Tracking

Our on-site database allows us to track repairs. We can tell you the number of repairs in a given period, repair details, and a historical cost analysis by job type.


We generate printed models to improve repair accuracy. Our on-site engineer ensures specifications are documented for reference.