September, 2018- Todd and Wayne receive NIMS Manufacturing Certifications

July, 2017-   D.A.S. Services celebrates employees 10 year anniversary 

May 1, 2017-   D.A.S. Service receives variance request

April, 2017-   D.A.S. Discusses variance request with County

June, 2016-   D.A.S. Services congratulates Paul Pfefferkorn on his retirement.

2016-   D.A.S. Services expands into press manufacturing

December, 2015-   D.A.S. Services obtains state of the art teardown table

December 10, 2014-   News ReleasesD.A.S. Services expanding

August 25, 2004-   D.A.S. Services establishes CNC department

August 7, 2004-    Angola company gets state grant

April 21, 2004-    Chamber group fetes investment

October 14, 2003-   D.A.S. receives county tax abatement

September 30, 2003-  Salute to the Industry

August 26, 2003-   Smith marks 75th birthday, 50th year in machining