Repair Process

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Tear Down and Inspection

The D.A.S. repair process begins by tearing down, washing, and inspecting all components.

During this process, our Inspection Department works to identify the cause of the damage. We want to help you prevent future repair costs.

After a thorough inspection, clients receive a quote with an outline of all suggested repairs.

Machining and Welding

MachiningWeldingDepending on the condition of the cylinder’s components, our team either repacks or rebuilds the cylinder.

Rebuilt cylinders proceed through Machining and Welding and Fabrication. Our team can repair or manufacture all cylinder components with our state-of-the-art equipment. Our in-house facilities allow us to provide timely service and repairs.

Cylinder Parts Machining

  • Repair and/or new manufacture
  • Rod, tube, end block, port, pin, clevis, piston, gland, and cushion
  • “Rush” service available

Welding by Certified Welders

  • Mig, tig, arc
  • Plasma cutting


After machining and/or welding the cylinder moves to the Assembly Department.

Our team assembles the cylinder with the proper components and seal kit.

Randy-Assembling Assembly-31

Testing and Finishing

D.A.S. can test cylinders up to 10,000 PSI before they leave our facility.

After the cylinder passes the testing process, we prepare the cylinder to be shipped. Each D.A.S. cylinder receives a fresh coat of paint and a D.A.S. label for easy tracking.

Assembly-14 Assembly-43